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4LZ-4.0B1 Axial Flow Combine Harvester

Rubber track: 90mm×50×450mm

Fully automatic feeding combine harvesters are used to harvest crops including rice, wheat, corn, rapeseed and other grains. Equipped with larger rubber track, these harvesters are especially suitable for rice harvesting in wetlands in Indonesia and the Philippines. The combine harvester also has an outstanding effect for harvesting lodging rice in the Middle East.

Product model 4LZ-4.0B1
Structure Full-feeding combine harvester (Vertical axial)
Engine power 70kw
Dimension (Length×Width×Height) 5100×2500×2650mm
Weight 3280kg
Cutting bar width 2100mm
Min ground clearance 350mm
Productivity 0.3~0.5hm2/h
Fuel consumption 21~27kg/hm2
Rubber track (Pitch×number×width) 90mm×50×450mm
Gear box Mechanical gearbox+HST
Grain tank 1.1m3(600kg)
Unloading method Auto unloading with 320°unloading auger

Product advantages

  • Vertical threshing cylinder
  • Water radiator auto clean device as optional equipment
  • Grain tank (Can be opened and rotated to 90 degrees) Easy for repair and maintenance
  • National Ⅲ emission standard engine
  • Ground clearance 350mm, easy to go through paddy field

1. The backward rotation function of the large granary makes maintenance and repair easy.
2. Both the chassis front and rear axles are designed in the shape of the Chinese numeral "eight", which gives the harvester more flexibility in the field.
3. The reinforced reel and high rigidity reel tooth make it difficult to deform the harvesting machine.
4. Due to a 96 horsepower large engine power and secondary cutting device, the grain full-feeding combine harvester has an efficient, easy cutting effect.
5. A lengthened threshing drum filtering achieves a better filtering effect with low crop losses.
6. An additional delivery reversing device facilitates the user's ability to clean and maintain the combine harvester.
7. The conveyor chains feature an integrated assembly, which enhances the harvester's transportation capability in the field.

Accessories including the 305 special steel, whole wood engines, Chang Chai engines, and the world’s top ten middle tracks guarantee a 5 year service life under normal operating conditions.

4LZ-B series harvesters are our company's latest product. This equipment features a large horsepower, high harvest efficiency, low fuel consumption, low loss rate, high ground clearance, and thorough threshing performance. In addition, the equipped HST ensures the combine harvester is easier and more comfortable to use.

Brief description
The crop reaper, and crop harvester put several functions together as crop cutting and de-granulating and others, called combine harvester, our combine harvester is fully-feeding combine harvester can be used reaping rice, wheat, rapeseed, and others, we also offer other farm cultivating machines and equipment like tillers, grain dryers, and other farm equipment.
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