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Grain Dryer System

    1. Continuous Batch Grain Dryer System
    2. Continuous Batch Grain Dryer System
      The cereal drying system can be used both in small farms covering only a few hundred acres and large factory farms that cover several thousand acres of land. The 5H series grain dryer is used to dry different grain crops including rice, millet, wheat, and peanuts after harvesting during wet and damp weather.
    1. 5H Series grain dryer
    2. 5H Series grain dryer
      The grain dryer features an easy to use control system with a touch screen for control of multiple functions, including the ability to set the target moisture, set the hot wind temperature and warn of high temperatures. The 5H series grain dryer is used for drying rice, wheat, and other common grains in farms, grain stations and grain processing factories.

The grain dyer system is a common farm equipment for drying grain before the grain stored, Liulin is an experienced grain drying machinery and equipment manufacturer in China, offering several kinds of farm equipment such as seed grain and seed dryers, grain combine harvesters, tractor tiller, crawler plowing machine, these are to be used in rice, wheat, corn, rapeseed, these farm harvest implement has exported several countries in different areas of the world.